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EPONA - Office of Chartered Accountant ELŻBIETA ŁOJEK - ŚWINOUJŚCIE

EPONA - Office of Chartered Accountant Elżbieta Łojek provides you with access to the latest technologies and innovative solutions in the area of management support. ENOVA 365 is an electronic accounting services platform used by our office, ensuring constant access to financial data both to you and our office. Every possible aspect of your current financial situation will be available to you at any stage that you deem to be important.

We provide solutions supporting the decision-making process in respect of on-going operations of your business and the direction of its development. We continually monitor changes in tax laws and business-related regulations in order to ensure your complete security in this regard.

In our everyday work we combine experience, knowledge and professional passion.

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What distinguishes our accounting services?

Experienced staff

Thanks to many years of experience and constantly raised qualifications, we are able to undertake even the most complex orders.

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Innovative solutions

Our law firm uses modern technological solutions to ensure efficient and error-free accounting services.

Timely execution of orders

We respect the time and money of our clients, which is why we execute orders on predetermined dates.

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